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Conquer the ever-evolving tech landscape with Targeted Technology Institute’s revamped training programs. Dive deep into in-demand fields like Data Analytics, Power Platform Development, and Azure Database Administration, all powered by cloud technologies and AI. Choose your focus, master cutting-edge skills, and land your dream job in the future of IT.

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Designed for anyone with no or very little IT background, programs at Targeted Technology Institute enable trainees to get started fast – into entry to mid level tech positions, so they can advance in the workforce. 

Our Services

IT Training

Customized training programs suplemented with datacenter hands on exercises to help trainees not only to get the required theoretical knowledge and skills, but also the real world experience of how organizations make use of IT.

IT Consulting

Reliable IT Consulting Services for small to medium size companies. We do develop and customize software; Develop organizational IT Service Management schemes; datacenter migrations; cloud architecting and many more

Community Support

We give back to the community through our targeted schemes, sponsoring training programs, professional support to community centers and supporting kids with tutoring services

Our Specialty Training Programs

Data Analytics

Master the secrets of data in Targeted Technology Institute’s data analytics training! Unravel hidden insights from mountains of information using powerful tools like cloud technologies, machine learning, and large language models. Choose your weapon – SQL for querying, Python for wrangling, and R for advanced analysis – and conquer challenges within industries like finance, healthcare, and marketing. Our structured training paths cater to all levels, guiding you from data cleaning and visualization to storytelling and impactful conclusions.

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Power Platform Developer

Enlighten your future as a Power Platform developer professional with Targeted Technology Institute’s Microsoft Power Platform training. Ditch tedious tasks and unlock automation magic with Power Automate, craft beautiful, data-driven apps with Power Apps, and gain actionable insights with Power BI. Build custom solutions without code, automate repetitive processes with ease, and gain critical views of your data in interactive dashboards. Our hands-on training will propel you to become a digital transformation hero.

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Azure Database Administrator

Our Microsoft Azure Database Administration training will help you ascend to cloud database mastery. Dive deep into managing SQL Server in the Azure cloud environment, master scalable storage, robust security, and seamless performance optimization. You will learn and master the power of managed services like Azure SQL Database and Cosmos DB, architecting hybrid solutions that bridge on-premises and cloud seamlessly. Our training empowers you to secure, monitor, and optimize data.

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News: Data Analyst / Scientist Job Outlook - 2024

Data scientist jobs are predicted to experience 36 percent growth between 2021 and 2031, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Operations research analyst (or data analyst) jobs are projected to grow 23 percent, another high-growth job title. Due to the high demand and technical skill set, jobs in data science tend to pay well. Data science is penetrating nearly every industry, including health care, retail, and technology, so there are plenty of options to find your niche. 

Blog: Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is becoming the next-generation business process automation and productivity suite for domain experts in all functions. Microsoft Power Platform is being used by nearly 16 million monthly active users, up 97 percent year over year, which highlights how anyone can automate a workflow, create an app, build a virtual agent, or analyze data. Just like Office revolutionized productivity gains for knowledge workers, Microsoft Power Platform will do the same for domain experts.

Tips: Earning Credentials from Harvard or MIT

Have you ever dreamt of earning your academic credential from the world’s top universities like Harvard or MIT? Trust me it is much easier than you may think.

Google these keywords “Microcertificates at Harvard Extension School” and “MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science” to learn more.

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